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KQED Forum, August 10, 2022: Cold Soup and Hot Tea: What We Eat When Summer Heats Up
Hosted by Alexis Madrigal
Guests: Luke Tsai, food editor, KQED; Nora Haron, executive chef and owner, SanDai Restaurant + Kopi Bar; Amod Chopra, second generation owner, Viks Chaat; Christian Reynoso, chef, recipe developer, cooking columnist, SF Chronicle; and Martin Bournhonesqu, farmer, local CSA, produce purveyor to restaurants

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Celebrity rapper MC Sid (Siddharth Sood) makes a surprise visit to Viks Chaat and entertains the crowd with an impromptu rap!

Food Gal Carolyn Jung, Musings on Food, Wine, Laughter and Life, November 24, 2017: A Delicious Visit to Pioneering Vik’s Chaat

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The Slow Food Guide to San Francisco And The Bay Area: Restaurants, Markets, Bars
By Sylvan Brackett, Wendy Downing, Sue Moore
Available from

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SF Chronicle’s “Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants
2019  |  2018  |  2017  |  2010  |  2009  |  2008  |  2007  |  2006  |  2005

India Currents, June 2010: Mmm Chaat!

Diablo Magazine, April 2010: Chaat means snack — and this Berkeley eatery serves them up cheap and delicious. . .

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San Francisco Chronicle, March 2, 2006: Viks Chaat Corner, “There are only two ways to approach Viks Chaat Corner for a meal…”

KQED Check, Please! Bay Area, December 15, 2005: Restaurant review: “Why would I recommend a place like Vik’s?…”
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