About Vik’s Chaat

Vik’s Chaat has proudly been serving chaat for over 25 years. Vik’s offers many regional chaat dishes from different parts of India.  Over 2000 dishes are served each day to customers coming from near and far.

Vik’s Chaat started out in 1989 as a small area of Vik’s Retail Store, located inside a warehouse in the commercial district of Berkeley.  Over the years, its popularity grew and people began coming from miles around for Viks Chaat.  In 2004, Vik’s Chaat expanded to accommodate customers who were lining up for the various Indian savory snacks.

In 2009, Vik’s Chaat & Market moved to a new location, two blocks south of its original location.  The new location is larger and brighter than its previous location, yet aesthetically is still a warehouse.

Vik’s Chaat is a family-run business dedicated to preserving the tradition of eating chaat using fresh ingredients and making each dish as it is ordered. Vik’s has proudly served fresh, traditional dishes for over 25 years, and refuses to compromise quality.  Produce is chopped daily,  we knead dough every morning,  and each samosa is prepared by hand, all so that customers enjoy chaat the way it should be…fresh.


Amod Chopra and his family are the force behind Vik’s Chaat & Market in Berkeley, California. He was born in Mumbai and spent most of his childhood in different parts of India. He moved to California with his family in the 1980’s and has since been involved in his family’s business.  In 1989, Vik’s Chaat opened in a 200-sq. ft. room in the front of their distribution warehouse. It has grown over the years into a well-known destination, bringing customers from all over the bay area and beyond. Many of the dishes at Vik’s come from Amod’s childhood memories and return visits to India.